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AnonymoX for Firefox is a supplement that gives you fast, surfing anonymous touch buton.Ako you are concerned about privacy online, AnonymoX a good choice. When working, you can choose,Delete cookies and public IP of you, pober to make life just that online with MYR many few servers bezopasno.Problemat IP and agents is that they are complicated to establish and can be slowed severely downThe results of your search. No AnonymoX. Set it as easy as adding regular Firefox and automatically galluogiar “identity” go. By clicking on the icon bar at AnonymoX, then you can select unique exclusive list,Including the United States, Europe and Asia IP adresi.anonymoX go one step further by also helpful in making you delete cookies Ymadaelgwefan or change its perception protected Website you. The app also allows you to switch between services and their role,And you can add information AnonymoX bar below shows you what the cysylltuar now, and IP address are visible to the public. Clicking this information allows you to promenite.anonymoXService little good although not particularly flexible. Configuration options are pretty much limited to what you see in the interface, but it does not mean, of course, that gwasanaethMae’n very easy to use.Using unique most, we also find AnonymoX be quite fast, but, as always, some grow slower than others, especially when searching for hidden IP izboraSaedinenite Shtati.Ako sporadic and rarely when usingFirefox, AnonymoX ddimopsiwn well. You can always change the service popular, but if you see the little details and / or configuration of anonymity, we suggest you look drugade.Za is free, careless of anonymity,AnonymoX large, using simple tools for Firefox.

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