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“I like the way Colette breaks down exactly step-by-step the results we are looking for in every movement and which muscles we are stretching and why because it helps me do the exercise correctly and benefit from the workout instead of just going through the motions.” -Sue

“It amazes me that after one hour of the Barry -Method class I felt better than I have in years, and I feel this is going to be more effective than any other therapy I have been through in rehabilitating my back and core strength. I look forward to my next session this week! Most Effective Therapy” -Kurt P.T.

“I’m approaching 40 and my friends tell me I look better now since I’ve been training with her then I did in my 20’s!! Colette’s one on one program is absolutely addicting!! You have to try this ~ and you won’t find anyone better to train with then Colette! Thank you Colette for everything!! You’ve changed my life!!!” -Lisa

Attention Doctors, Therapists, and  Anyone Interested in Wellness!

Join our rapidly growing Fitness and Rehabilitation program.
Be a part of this amazing program that is now expanding.

Learn from the founder, Colette Barry, a certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor and M.T.

Introductory Barry Method Program
Barry Method is becoming recognized as a powerful fitness and rehabilitation program that produces quick results in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional fitness and rehabilitation programs today.

Become a Barry Method Instructor and enjoy the rewarding experience of helping people become healthy, fit, and flexible.

Teach a cutting-edge fitness program that is rapidly growing. Health and Fitness is in demand everywhere.

Barry Method is an excellent program for all ages and all physical conditions.

Barry Method is on the verge of expanding into Health and Fitness Institutions across the country.

–School Athletic Programs

–Corporate Fitness Programs

–Hospitals and Clinics

–Health Clubs

“I really want to thank you for being such a dedicated, sincere teacher. I really appreciate your classes, your expert guidance, and your inclusion of the lessons we’ve shared. You’re really good at keeping everyone focused and enthusiastic.”

-Dr. Tara Devi
Be a part of this exciting opportunity!

Superb Rehabilitation
Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Rehabilitation clinics are recognizing the Barry Method is a practical, powerful rehabilitation program that can easily be incorporated into their patients’ therapy routine.

A completely new cash income (approx. 75% pay cash) revenue stream.

–Low maintenance. Patients participate on the machine, with an easy to follow video in your facility.

–New, invigorating active rehab (whole body or specified regions) that appeals to all patients.

–Insurance, PI and WC coverage.

–Increased patient retention and referrals.

1959325_10203101490434771_5745637033327229053_nColette Barry has been in the healing profession for over 25 years. She is a Licensed Massage therapist, Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor, and CEO of Yoga Trends Studio. Colette has studied Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, and Bikram under skilled certified teachers. Colette works with her Husband, Dr. Philip Barry, a Chiropractor; they own a rehabilitation and Chiropractic clinic in Westlake, OH.


Introductory Barry Method Package for Certification Includes:

  1. Six/ Two Hour Classes – Small, intimate classes taught by Barry Method Instructors 
    Dr. Phil & Colette Barry  (Online Webinar and Udemy University e-Learning Videos).
  2. One Pro Pilates Total Trainer Machine (value =$600.00)
  3. One Barry Method DVD
  4. Barry Method Manual
  5. Six Months of free access to Dr. Phil and Colette’s online or local classes.

    Barry Method is a unique dual combination, designed by Colette Barry, using Yoga and Pilates on the Gravity Sliding System. There is nothing like this on the market. The Barry Method was designed from years of experience and training. This revolutionary program combines yoga and Pilates techniques with gravity machines (like the Total Trainer).  This workout allows your body to function at its peak, no matter what shape you’re in..
    “The gravity gliding system is set up so that the workout is met at the level of the individual.” -Colette Barry.





Certification Fee:

Total Cost Includes:
Gravity Machine & all Accessories
Barry Method DVD
Local & Online Videos & Classes

Local Certification – $1400.

Online Certification – $1200.

Enrollment limited to six students.

Classes will begin in February.  Dates are to be determined.


Application will be sent.  Please contact us for more information.  We look forward in having you join our team!

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