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What happens when wealth and power seat has a priority in your life? Amazon rainforest, one of the most valuable natural resources of the planet auctioned, and convicted. Alberto Pisang, the young leader of the indigenous people are struggling to make the voices of PeruviansIndigenous heard, stood and political leaders have been charged with conspiracy and inciting violence. Set in the background of the recession and globalclima, when two worlds collide global koinonia Prize winner documentarykumpetisyon best first film at Sundance, it shows the humanside of the battle of conflicting views and political wills to work to shape the future of the Amazon and the weakened global ecosystem.

The epic story of a man searching for the American dream, to find gold. Kenny Wells, modern day Geologist desperately needsin sorterango, joins keen geologist and such an amazing journey to find gold in the forests of Indonesia unexplored. obtaining gintoaytrudno, but retaining it will be even harder, prompting an adventure through the most powerful conference rooms on Wall Street. Filminspired by a true story.

Collide 2017

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