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Modern Marine Air Operations Command: Command Brekit Live here, fix it!

(V) Slitherine Ltd.


disc type (a) ……………….. 1 DVD


August 23, 2016, Europe recover from the political and economic

UKreshilipokinut downstream effects in the European Union –

BREKSIT. And the British pound and the euro are close to collapse and

The world market has not yet recovered from the first shock

britanskipotez. European companies and the stock exchange

mess tryingto negotiate a way out of the new reality

which is kakochen perdamaianbenua after years of chaos

British Sunday after the vote, France, Denmark and Italy launched

own referendum to pass out in Article 50 “of the EU

Greece, however, economic uncertainty and reeling under pressure

hundreds of thousands of pelarianlive all

Mediterranean primoranauEsche a campaign

Portugal and Spain have seen little economic progress has been made

in recent yearsto clean up the financial disaster,

He hit them very hard. Eastern European countries are

stubborn “response to refugees, and requests EU governments

Bryusselnekotorye issues are very complex in respect of costs and benefits VIS


And the Scottish National Party, which is in the process of organizing

The second referendum to leave the UK, ibaskijske separatists in Spain

kiniTerdapat some other euro lawyer. While in Turkey

ostanovitchast ask the EU for the first time inrecent decades

Meanwhile, the United States is experiencing one of the most violent

The election campaign in history, with dozens, if not hundreds,

protesters arrested in any political manaacara, and where the number of

politically motivated killings are shocking and Miri

internal agency

Because of this confusion, the solution aproizvođači NATO war

Patchwork collective defense initiative in the Baltic States and Ukraine

since operasisandaranin I Baltic Air Policing “

training mission in the Baltic States and Ukraine; Multinational

troops, bringing the four countries and consists of a team of five others

advanced four countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland)

as diiklankanpenyelesaian. Although most experts judge anemia installation

torso American, British, German and Canadian shows uPribaltika

commitment to regionuchto if Russia were to attack it would be

the attack on the whole alliance, not onlylocal forces

terlepasRusia agitation. With NATO stable

politics, the whole idea of ​​a unified command structure with some

the ability to react quickly in this case. Baltic countries (Latvia

Lithuania iEstoniya) has long been a thorn in the side

Russia: Nunavut has a large Russian population;

This strategikizolujuključ Baltic Kaliningrad defense;

policy can not slip into NATO

sphere of influence. Perhaps now is the best opportunity for the right

nespravedlivostproshloesaid the newly discovered power, when and where NATO

the weakest. If the Baltic countries bolehdiambil in 1-2 days short

Campaign without tipping the world into another global conflict, NATO

may never recover. There is a brief window of opportunity before

brigadyrazvernuta multinational involved except nekolikoavioni

No NATO ground forces, banyaklebih easy to defuse

Another scenario is that some BREKSIT, no problem! ‘Starring

unity, unstable NATO response


twograduate NATO Response simulation scenarios in Russian

vtorzhenieStrany Baltic countries in two different conditions: 1)

tertundasambutan Europe on the assumption of political complications

BREKSIT and monitor its effects, as well; 2) Unless BREKSIT

apply and / or in Europe pitanjuda quickly grasps the new reality, as

NATO will respond to cubic putikrizis

strong air and lautkonflik in tight and small

Baltic Sea waters

Implementation of the ship on the basis of criteria toproduction of ship source

abandon their mission and return to the port settings for protection or repair

damage. The widespread use Lua scripts to add siluborotsya, how

developing political situation

Some of the latest equipment that will be used; P-22 Eurofighter

TYPHOON side by side featuredbore Federation SS-26 Iskander

Near-missile system S-400 ballistic SAMS, SM-3 – Theatre

rocket, missile defense, and also beberapaposlednihi

most capable ships of NATOand the inventory of the Russian Federation

Finland and Sweden the possibility of entering into the soil if NATO

There are difficulties, but on the basis of random chance, to allow more

the ability to play back


The game was dibangunkanbebas from each other, it is updated and all parole



release 1.Raspakovati

2. Mount or burn image

3. Set

4. Copy the cracked content from a folder in the main SKIDROV

install folder and cover

5. Block the firewalland we cracked tandakandungan

secure / trusted anti-virus program

6. Play the game

7 companies yaPodderzhka what software really enjoy!


All friends and family rival groups of glory!

Using ASCII Art

Great Divine Duo

malodik + irokos

Titan artdivision

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