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Deep Freeze Enterprise – Complete


Deep Freeze Enterprise – Complete When the desired configuration of your computer, if you want to save, Faronics Deep Freeze is the answer. Dont wasting time Imaging Solutions is a simple restart of your computersall to wait to return! Thousands of jobs to protectCompany or simply through a PC at home you have the right to work Deep Freeze. Do you use Windows and Mac computers? No problem, and also we have you dilindungi.dan DeepIzoztu protect your server is ready to give you 100% availability.


Full protection

Secure and Control Computers

Save ImportantDates and changes in Clear

Management of the end of the eyes in the middle of all

Configured configuration settings

Implementation and integration of the third party

Integration with another Faronics Solutions

Automatic maintenance and updating

Compatibility and compatibility settings

Follow us | Copyright 2000,4realtorrentzSemua rights reserved.

Freeze Enterprise Multilingual FaronicsDeep

Deep Freeze instantly protects and the basic configuration is stored in the computer. No matter what changes the user makes to the workstation, simply restart to destroy all changes and restart the computerUp to the last byte. Expensive computer assets continue to operate at 100% capacity and technical support time is reduced or eliminated. Keputusankonsisten free computing problems in the network are completely protected and in parallel, erabatbirus freeFrom malicious programs and unwanted ones. While Deep Freeze provides bullet-proof protection, the non-limiting approach also increases user productivity and satisfaction.

In order to ensure a 100% recovery of the workstation upon restart

is heProvides full password protection and security

Protects multiple hard drives and partitions

Accommodation options

Offers quiet network installation quickly merebakdengan

It is possible to use it in different workplaces within the main image

DFC included in the Workstation/ Seedinstalazio

Security and control

Encrypt all components with a unique Customization code

Preset multiple passwords for different workstations or through activation instructions and expiration dates

Make time for encryption or one day of passwords

DisconnectingKeyboard and mouse during maintenance or inquiry

Monitor the window, but in the near future the ability to initiate semulamenyediakan


Create custom installation files using the Configuration Administrator

Frozen pre-selectBlock and the selected freeze or unfreeze fixed block

Automatic Restart Schedule Time / Off

From a computer restart

Shutdown workstations after a specified period of inactivity

Flight period for Windows, bred Internet update serviceOr SUS / WSUS server or Kinimelalui Anti-Virus

Schedule Send a message the task

Further flexibility

Copyright can be used to store programs, save files or make permanent changes to ThawSpace on a workstation

ThawSpace Zehaztutamaina and system files (up to 100GB usingNTFS file system)

Use the invisibility mode to hide the Deep Freeze icon in the system tray

Turning to the current maintenance period

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