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Hide ALL IP is the world’s best software to hide IP, hide all your apps and games IP from snoopers hacker, you can surf anonymously, prevent identity theft and protection against hackers invaders, all have only one click.

Your IP address can link Internet activities directly to your and you could easily leak through this Hide IP All IP protects your identity online by changing your IP address on a private IP our server and forwardsal your Internet traffic serversAll kijijinikupata encrypted through our Internet server, allowing only the correct IP address, you are completely safe. In contrast to not follow your ISP, Hide ALL IP and not to include, where to go!

Key Features Benefits:

– Change Our servers in the world, you can connect to a server different countries. Each time you press the “Connect” button, you will be falsified, since this country IP. If you turn on the Deom countries, to press the button Connect.

– ALL transfer data encryption encrypts all incoming andoutgoing connections (including UDP) and industry standard RSA 1024 and RC4 128-bit, which is very safe. Even if your ISP or other third party verified your contacts, they have no idea what you connect to the Internet and what your data.

– Remote DNS lookups, use our secure external DNS lookup technology, Kanze prevent fake DNS and trace every DNS solution is now safe!

– Access Internet TV (Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc.) Internet TV providers such as BBC and Hulu users through their refusalStandorterkennung.Hide ALL IP provides all the tools you only IP connection to the Land of TV require provider, your browser display the right place. As can be seen outside the US Hulu video tutorial How BBC iPlayer seen outside the UK Video Tutorial

– Supports almost all applications enGames not only supporting browser, Hide All IP support instant messaging, video, games with over!

– Unique support UDP Unlike other application software Hide IP only support TCP, IP support UDPBasierte Hide All applications and games, now playDNF, League of Legends, Battlefield 3, Starcraft II, Tank Of Worlds on ALL IP Hide is possible! UDP also support video applications!

– Unique support private Dependonze HTTP tunnel HTTP-Tunnel technology (you do need no adjustment), you can bypass firewall and proxy. Even if you work katikamtandao limited, HTTP proxy uses only get pure HTTP or after HTML (such as school network), Hide ALL IP yet, playing games and video is also possible. What is HTTP tunneling?.

Do -Einzigartig PortableVersion We are not closing the portable version Hide ALL IP, need, can removable media zoalsUSB stick, floppy, etc. are realized and need admin rights. It may in some border regions of the network environment.

– Safe Browse Technology Search Technology us safe, now no longer a cookie open or history every time you stop, because all this support directly, no cookies or history on your hard drives, all in memory when you exit your browser to install them one by onedisappear.

-Unique Support hide Win8 Metro toepassingenIP not only hide IP desktop application, we also can hide Win8 Metro IP applications and support IE EPM (Enhanced Drive Mode) mode.

– Reduce your game Ping specifically for the game browseroptimized as was the game, and use the Hide ALL IP will be significantly improved. How to reduce the TCP game is to cut the game UDP P2P (League of Legends) was

– Unique support Auto Find the best server for each game can be downloaded gamesserver hosting offer or IP, ALL IPWird all hide fake IP server automatically notified of this game server Ping and calculate which server is making faster server connection to the game server.

What’s new:

-Updates: The official website does not provide information about changes in this version.


1) Unzip and install

2. Do not start HideAll IP

3. Copy loader 34 in the installation directory and run

4. Application Loader Some time expired messages

5. Finish.

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