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Kaspersky Internet Security 2017


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Kaspersky Internet Security provides excellent protection for your computer, money and your family. Advanced security technology to protect against viruses, Internet threats, while retaining their identityand add an extra layer of security when you’re online banking or shopping.


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stoySecurityay powerful suite of Internet security, which includes a variety of tools to protect the system. The package includes a firewall,anti-virus, anti-phishing secure VPN tools, lines, and intelligent tools for scanning. Avast Internet Security, you can configure the scan mode; Select the target area to scan, enable scan mode for all file types. Or you canconfigure a scan to determine the types of expansion plikówprzez file extension / name / User defined.

Key features:

– Firewall.

– Detection of threats in real-time.

– Anti-phishingtool.

– Sandbox.

– Anti-Virus.

– VPN secure lines.

– Anti-spam tool.

– SmartScan.

– Reliable protection.

Avast Internet Security also includes several new technologies such as DNS, secure HTTPS, and scanning equipment to ensure network security, to add in your defense.

What’s new Avast Internet Security 2016:

– DolnySystem effect faster boot times, fewerthe space occupied on the disk.

– CyberCapture better detect unknown and unique files using our cloud technology.

– Regularly update the program every month automatically and invisibly, configurable in the settings.

– Improved detection sensitivity to the router.

-Browser mode is the new bank SafeZone.

– Faster SecureLine connection.

– Anti-Spam now as denied.

– Removed hardware virtualization (NG) has replaced CyberCapture, with less impact on resursySistema.

– Removed remote assistance is not used enough, and is not a core function.

Requirements:Windows (all)

Languages: Multiple languages


1. Unpack and install

2. Use a file to register nalisensiya

3. Double-click the key file (Note that not all LIC files will work correctly)

4. Click Yes, OK

5. Done.

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