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Release Notes

MechRunner is endless action game that casts you as a powerful machine

Stunning cinematic relentless combat robot army.


June 301908 mysterious explosion occurred in Tunguska

River in Siberia, Russia and wiped out trees and wildlife for more than 800 ovodan square still show the greatest impact on our

world recorded history.

In the years that followed, dozens ilmiahekspedisi to

Site seeks to explainthe accident but failed to reach any

Conclusion. In mid-1940, however, a team of scientists from

Russian secret services to visit the site stumbled on the ruins

ship contains technology that far exceeds our own. in

in the coming years, the KGBIt began working to exploit this mysterious

snagaizvor new isozdavanje new program Veapons Secrets – The

Advanced weapons division or “”

They thought they could control the new force learned that

He began to work harder to maintain their machines. It started naikorang people

II’m the crazy. The person responsible, General Iuri

Petrakoff seemed very affected by the April 14, 1949

Petrakoff launched full-scale attacks in Europe.

One of the leading engineers Petrakoff Jesper Teterev, pressed and left

The previous program oprezanštase happening there. he pergihidup

secret with her sister,Isabel, and nephew, Allison. while hiding

However, Jesper (using bud engineers and pilots Allison)

I was busy building up his military machine called KSP-41

it may be necessary one day to put out “crime

kreasi.Dia true.


MechRunner is endless action game instyle mixed with Fast and Furious

regime change Machine action!

This is the “runner” in which players constantly in the dock pokretunapred

najdetesmrtonosna force, but what makes it special is that

You pilot a big robot capable sebuahkehancuran serious!

Other endless runner has elementsaction, but as this. heat

seeking missiles, heavy caliber bullets, laser cannons and concussion

The bomb destroyed meet building, the streets are littered with debris and tons

piece enemies-is capable of creating fast, visually yangmencengangkan


a typicalgame can last from a few seconds to nekolkuminuti

an additional cost. The higher the skill, the longer you play, the more rewards

You will need to collect, and more content will be unlocked!


Meticulously detailed, quick action

Switching between modes and reservoirRobotflight

Cut a piece off the enemy with cinematic way!

Huge tank weapons, adaptation and strengthening

3 different areas that combine seamlessly together – to decide when

it’s time to switch

As a result of the endless variety nivoproceduralno

sekalineprijateljasamany different types of tactics

Epic boss battles!

dynamic barriers for environmental protection

unlockable skins, upgrades and achievements

Save the civilians and bring them to a safe place

Amazing quality of music in Hollywood

Optional controls – Play with the mouse or controller


describe pertamarilis

2. Mount or burn image

3. Install

4. Copy the contents of the crack in the main SKIDROV

instalacijapapka and cover

5. Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as

Antivirus program is safe / verovatiu

6. Play the game

7thCompany support, software actually enjoy it!


All friends of the family and honorable rival groups!


Great Divine Duo

malodik + irokos

Titan artdivision

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