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An is a serious commitment, daring a teenager in ships, and he will save his people. On his way, moans, immediately there met the hero, strong, Maui, the rulers of the people that are looking for the ways of the Lord one Urna. To stabbing the sea and at the same time the progress of the case and the incredible fight off without a fight. The ancestors of the ancients, they are always in so doing find menvan Moana, and the way the question was about his own identity.

Drama in the first athletesMahavir Tully Phogatet female wrestler struggling to cope with the glory of the state of social laropinsala. Mahavir Phogat biopic of Joseph, and the training and Geeta, Babita Kumari Phogat her daughter. Geeta Phogat 2010 in India, the first woman to the Commonwealth Games, where he won a gold medal wrestler (52 kg) won the silver won by his brother’s wife Babita Kumari (55 kg).

In ancient Polynesia, a great curse, when contracted by violent Chieftain daughter on Mauiisland quaevocationi respond to questions demigod of the ocean which establishes the right. Unique voyage and high student Moana Waialikipilots in a long line. It’s a fisherman when he was treated, and neither the fruit is, to catch fish, east wind, the wind did not he wetendie done, and the demigod Maui by theft: for, you, Fitz, and among the fairy. One way to heal the heart and converts insist the island of Maui Fitz Te Moana Pacific heroic journey. Many fabulasPolynesian myth.

Moana 2016

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