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After the boy to become a vacation Ewa their exotic, impulsive dreamer Emily Middleton persuaded his mother ultra warn her, Linda journey to heaven. When I changed my girlfriend, Emily, a woman in her 30s, her mother convinced it carefully ultra accompanied by Ecuador. accentEmily pair search of adventure, but suddenly decided that sięporwana. When these two women are very different, they are trapped in the nature of travel, tie them to the mother and daughter have been tested and reinforced as they opitvatpremesti dżungliuciec.

After his friend to become their vacation Ewaexotic, impulsive dreamer Emily Middleton (Amy Schumer) convinced that carefully, Linda (Goldie Hawn), a trip to your paradise. Contrary Polar, Emily and LindaWkrótce realize that working through their differences in a mother and daughter the only way to escape from the jungle wildly outrageous that fell.

Snatched 2017

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