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Care System provides a complete set of tools for learning, clean and optimize your computer. In this regard, it is not something that a similar package, but it is a valid offer.

UluchsheniePo protection and packaging tools together, the care system tends to stop-down requires a separate application for each PC maintenance tasks. It proves convenient one-stop-shop for users who are not technically savy,or those who do not use nggusto each individual task. The downside: it makes fürunhandlich program, if you do not want all of the essential characteristics of predlozhil.Dve care system is its clean registry and malware removal. The first dissolves and eliminates the registry problems on your machine slow down its performance. zweiteSo how to scan the system and expect Browser infected programs and remove them hold bezopasnym.Hotya they are both goodworks, there is a free app available (such as CCleaner and Avast), to do the same. It comes down to personal Vorliebenund vyvse if you want to know what is done, select a place or such programs a la carte fashion.

Service klientovChtoby add more value to the package, the maintenance of the system with additional functions. Launch Manager on hand to help you improve the boot process and help to steuernIhrem computeryou, boot time and performance. Fast scanning engine sadin helps to identify and eliminate the threat, increase productivity, and to observe the maintenance program to date sostoyanii.Edinstvennoe things: TestDas system does not require too much work, because it continues sbrasyvaetsya. Here it is made difficult, the overall benefits of each instrumenta.Odna care other major outlets of the system is its 24-hour care, seven daysa week, 365 days a year to review all of their Kunden.Dies Maaarimaging a great advantage if you experience any problems, the program can not just decide for you, or if you are struggling to use it .

Full paketEst other options, but the system of care is what it promises. If it is comfortable IhrBedürfnisse individual package.

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